Our Story

I'll start this off by saying that every woman deserves a peaceful period. Period! I created the Peaceful Period Tea as a labor of self-love. This is how The Zen Elephant began! I wanted to tell my uterus to put the knife down once and for all. As an Herbalist, I see women being overprescribed and undertreated. Creating a remedy using organic herbs used in traditional herbal medicine quickly became common sense! There’s no way I was going to keep such beneficial healing all to myself while so many women suffer every month. A lot of us have the first day or two of our cycle where the pain is practically debilitating. Leaving us no choice but to leave school or work early, missing valuable time throughout the day. Well, kiss those days goodbye! I encourage all women to practice an act of self-love and grab a cup of tea. Let’s ingest something that’s gentle on our organs, yet harsh on the cramps. I want every woman to have a Peaceful Period. Period!