What we offer:

  • Herbal Healing

    Every product in our herb shop is made with all natural ingredients and sourced in the USA.

    Everything is handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness! All is made with love, healing and mindfulness.

  • Quantum Reiki

    Reiki healing helps to:

    -Release stress & Tension

    -Promotes physical healing

    -Allows for the release of emotional blockages

    -Allows for spiritual growth

    -Promotes a healthy sleep cycle

  • Sound Healing

    We offer Sound Healing in the form of singing bowls and tuning forks which help to realign the body’s energy centers.

    These tools have been used for thousands of years to promote balance, healing and harmony within your being.

    Your electromagnetic field responds to the vibration of these tools and can remove blockages of stagnant energy trapped in the body from trauma, stress and unhealed wounds. It can also positively affect brain function.

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