Nature's Spirit Herbal Smoke Blend (Pre Order)

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This herbal medicine was inspired by the Native White Buffalo Calf Woman who came to me during meditation. She gave me a beautiful Ceremonial Sacred Pipe dressed in yellow and told me to "commune" with her. So this is my personal sacred pipe blend that I'm choosing to share with you.

I specifically chose herbs that have been used in sacred ceremonies around the world for thousands of years. Herbs of vision, expansion, enlightenment and peace.

Each pack will be accompanied by the "O Great Spirit" prayer.

"This is a crucial time on planet earth where balance is needing to be restored. There is so much hate and disconnect in your world and it is time to come together through holy communion, all of your prayers will help to ground the energy of peace. It is through intention that all things manifest. Hold an intention of healing, love, unity and respect for yourselves as well as the planet and all beings who inhabit it. The animals are your brothers and sisters, the rivers hold memory of every ancestor. We are all connected through infinite spirit."

This blend was created to:

-Increase Intuition

-Decalcify Pineal Gland

-Activating Crown Chakra

-Induce Deeper Meditation

-Create Deeper Connection With Mother Earth

-Keep You Grounded and in Alignment Within Your Spirit

-Bring internal peace and balance

Every pack is charged with Quantum Reiki and singing bowls (For that extra healing!)


Ingredients: Blue Lotus, Lobelia (Indian tobacco), Mugwort, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Mullein, Peppermint, Wild Dagga


Each tin contains 7 pre-rolls and the Lakota “Great Spirit” Prayer.

(7 representing the seven ways of prayer taught by the Native White Buffalo Woman)